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NorthPoint Logistics is a full-service, end-to-end freight forwarder and freight broker, committed to helping entrepreneurs bring unparalleled value to their teams, their clients, and their communities.

our mission

We clear the path for entrepreneurs through turnkey supply chain solutions

our Vision

A world where the interconnectedness of global trade unlocks every worker’s innate value & freeing them to contribute to the greater good of humanity

our commitments to you

The global logistics business is a tough one, but your business is even tougher. You have hundreds of potential logistics vendors to use – but we don’t want to be one of them. We want to be your partner, and partners make commitments.

Every day, our team makes four commitments to our partners:

1 We Show Up
When it’s hard, when it’s easy, when we’ve done well, and when we’ve fallen short…we show up.
2 We Do What It Takes
Our clients aren’t customers – they’re partners; that means we don’t stop at ‘we tried.’
3 We Look Ahead
Our partners trust us to see the runway ahead, not just the tarmac we’ve traveled, in the global supply chain.
4 We Shoot Straight
Corporate buzzwords, doublespeak, and mealy-mouthed explanations don’t cut it for us, or for our partners.

this is our story

Late 1980s
Tim Flanigan grows up in a home fueled by diesel, as his father’s entry into the trucking business provides Tim with a firsthand view of the essential nature of transportation.
Late 1980s
Early 1990s
Clint Rusch’s mother accelerates her two-decade entrepreneurial journey, building a multimillion-dollar business from the family kitchen table and forever shaping his belief in the importance of entrepreneurship.
Early 1990s
Late 1990s
JC Sutherlin grows up in a household wholly dedicated to a generationally owned family business, giving him a front row seat to the challenges confronted by generational entrepreneurs.
Late 1990s
Following the tragic events of 9/11, Clint’s commitment to service leads him to enter the US Army; during his 2007-09 deployment to Iraq, he’ll lead an effort to revitalize small businesses in the Baghdad neighborhood of al-Beidha’a.
Mid 2000s
Xing Wang leaves his native China and emigrates to the United States, seeking an opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship and pursue the American Dream.
Mid 2000s
NorthPoint Development is founded by Nathaniel Hagedorn as a real estate developer specializing in industrial and multi-family development. Nathaniel’s vision will lead to NorthPoint becoming the largest industrial developer in the United States.
Nathaniel sees an opportunity to enter the global supply chain industry leading to the founding of NorthPoint Logistics as the product of the merger of two smaller freight forwarding businesses.
After a successful incubation at NPL, WarehouseQuote is spun off as a separate firm, focused on 4PL services for inventory at rest, while NorthPoint Logistics remains focused on 3PL services and inventory in motion.
The global pandemic provides an intense, demanding backdrop to a significant leadership reorganization at NPL and a rededication of focus upon the most vital component of today’s economy: the entrepreneur.

our leaders

The NPL Leadership Team features a diverse array of work and life experiences, but what every one of our leaders shares is an unwavering commitment to the value of entrepreneurship in the global economy.
Clint Rusch
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Tim Flanigan
Managing Director,
Domestic Operations
Managing Director,
International Operations


Always the best

At NorthPoint Logistics, we embrace the impact that our team members have. Whether on our client partners, our colleagues, or our community, our team members are emissaries for the culture of values-focused professionalism that we live by.

We also know how impactful an amazing culture is – after all, we’re just down the hall from Kansas City’s Best Place to Work for the last 8 years. We’re committed to joining our parent company on that mountaintop – and to get there, we need the best on our journey.

Our hiring process is data-driven, detail-focused, and difficult – and we love it that way. If you’re the kind of person who’s invigorated by that challenge, let’s talk – because we’re always looking for the next great NorthPointer.